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Protection Coverage

Protecting your goods is an essential step to your move. Homeowner’s policies will often cover your items during shipment and we encourage you to check with your insurance agent. However, if your policy does not cover transport, when moving with Virginia Varsity, you have two options.

  • Option 1: Basic Coverage – Included in Moving Price
    All possessions are covered at the industry standard of $.60/lb. per article for any damage that might occur during the move. For example: a 200 lb. chest of drawers will be covered up to $120.00 (200 lbs. X $.60/lb. = $120.00).
  • Option 2: Full Replacement Protection - Additional Cost
    For this option, the entire shipment should be valued, and a minimum of $6.00/lb. is required. For example: If you have a shipment of 4,000 lbs., the minimum coverage would be $24,000.

To select your coverage and determine the cost for the coverage you should choose:

  1. The valuation amount of all goods Virginia Varsity will move, and
  2. Your deductible.

Please Note:

  • You MUST write your coverage option on the Bill of Lading the day of your move, prior to any services.
  • You must also list individually on the Bill of Lading:
    1. Any item valued over $3,000
    2. Any item valued over $100/lb.
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Protection coverage at Virginia Varsity Transfer


Our goal is to provide you with a flawless move. However, in the case that there is an issue, you can file a claim with us. We will work with you to achieve a satisfactory solution in the speediest manner possible. Please bear in mind that with both coverage options, depending on Virginia Varsity’s appraisal, articles lost or damaged will be a) repaired, b) paid in a cash settlement, or c) replaced.  In each case, a claim will be subject to the coverage level you have selected.

Please note, in accordance with the industry standard, that the following items are not covered by either coverage policy: 1) Pressboard/particleboard furniture, 2) Boxes packed by the customer.

For more information regarding the claim process, and your rights as a customer, please visit the website for the American Moving and Storage Association, the national trade association for the moving industry.

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