Packing Tips

Wondering how to get started in packing up your collectibles? Or curious about which box is the best fit for your toaster oven? Let us offer some advice.

  • Tape and seal the bottom of the box with at least 2 strips of tape.
  • Use plenty of crumpled paper or other cushioning to generously pad the bottom, top and sides of the box.
  • Pack boxes 100% full so that they have firm, level tops.
  • Boxes must have sealed tops. Open-top boxes are prohibited.
  • Write the contents (2-3 primary items) on top of the box to make unpacking easier.
  • Label boxes/totes with thick sharpie by destination room (LR, KIT, MBR, etc.).
  • Don’t forget to pack: table lamps, wall hangings, and closet items.
  • Anything breakable must be boxed or taken by customer.
  • Reminder: Customer-packed boxes are not insured by VVT.
  • For box guidelines, see chart:
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