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Helping You Navigate Life’s Changes

Your family is growing and needs more space. A beloved family member has passed. You landed your dream job, but it’s 500 miles away. Your family has finally decided that your parents need assisted living. Your daughter just graduated from college and is headed to grad school. Life is real, and it changes.

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Moving services in Salem at Virginia Varsity Transfer & Self Storage
Moving services at Virginia Varsity Transfer & Self Storage

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The stress of moving often accompanies life’s changes, but we can help. We have decades of experience working through our customer’s life changes, and have applied our skills and knowledge to make these transitions smoother. So whatever change is on your horizon, we’ll help you navigate it.

“Moving is supposed to be a hassle. But your guys made it so much fun, we’d almost look for an excuse to do it again! Can’t beat Virginia Varsity Transfer for professionalism, enthusiasm, and cheerful willingness to take on even difficult, challenging moves. This was our second move with VVT in the past 10 years and each experience was great!” ~ Sue & Steve, Roanoke, VA

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