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Virginia Varsity Throwback to An Olympic Celebration


It may not be the newest of Varsity news, but considering the current Olympic Games in PyeongChang, it is applicable news we had to re-visit! (Besides, who doesn't love all the Olympic news flooding their newsfeeds??)

In October of 2017, at the annual Roanoke Valley Association of Realtors Affiliate's Night, Virginia Varsity got into the Olympic spirit a little early! The RVAR event, which is held annually for Roanoke Realtor networking has a different theme each year. This past year was celebrated with a theme of "Sports Teams" and was filled with football players, referees, and "stadium food".

Virginia Varsity team members went dressed as various Olympic athletes from a variety of disciplines including ping pong, boxing, climbing, tennis and track and field. VV also had a photo booth that was a medal stand, which seemed to be loved by all attending. No gold medals were earned, but a fun night was had by all who attended. And Virginia Varsity was proud to represent Team USA... for a few hours at least. (And as the games come to a close, we'll unabashedly add one more time, GO TEAM USA!!)