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The "Typical" Moving Day


Most local residential moves are a one-day process. While multi-day and long distance moves will vary in their timing and duration, the process is essentially the same. A general timeline of a move is provided so you know what to expect during your relocation (exact timeframes, start times, etc. will differ).

Morning – Loading

  • Crew will arrive at pre-arranged time, typically between 8-8:30 am. Travel time WILL be billed at the same hourly rate.
  • Introductions of the crew members.
  • Walkthrough #1 – Before loading, tour the home, discuss game plan and any special instructions.
  • Choose valuation coverage and complete other paperwork.
  • Truck set-up and crew will begin loading.
  • Loading process. Please be available for any questions.
  • Walkthrough #2 – At the end of loading, you must confirm that everything you wish has been loaded in the truck(s).
  • Lunch plans and a time to meet for the unloading will be discussed with you.

Afternoon – Unloading

  • Meet at your new home at the pre-arranged time.
  • Walkthrough #3 – Before unloading, orient the crew to the home layout, room locations, access, and where key pieces will go.
  • Truck set-up and crew will begin unloading.
  • Unloading process. You must be present at all times directing from a central entry point.
  • Reassemble (reconnect) any items that the crew disassembled prior to the loading process.
  • Walkthrough #4 – At the end of the move, the crew will walkthrough each room with you to ensure proper placement of furniture and make any adjustments you request.
  • Final paperwork and signing off on final approval.
  • Payment of bill. Balance is due upon delivery.