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Now Introducing Virtual Estimates


There are a significant number (dare we say an absurd amount?) of details that are factors when estimating a move – which is why it is always our first option to do an onsite walkthrough to determine the estimate for an upcoming move.  However, we know this isn’t always possible, especially when customers are moving from somewhere outside our normal onsite estimating area. 

Virginia Varsity Transfer is now partnering with Crater and SurveyBot to provide virtual estimates.  After a potential customer calls and a virtual appointment time is arranged, the customer is emailed and texted a SurveyBot link.  The customer downloads the app, which provides the interface to do the estimate (a smartphone or tablet are required), and then the estimator talks the customer through the process – which is similar to FaceTime.  Our virtual estimators are able to get a much better understanding of moving details, access, packing, special disassembly and prep, as well as meet the customer face to face, like a traditional estimate.

Virtual estimating has already proven useful, especially for large multi-truck jobs that are originating out of the Roanoke area.  We’re excited to continue finding innovative ways to serve our customers and deliver the high-level experience they expect.