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FAQ: Do I have to Empty my dresser drawers?


Q: “Do I have to empty my dresser drawers?”

A: It depends on the specific piece. Chests and dressers can often be moved with their drawers and contents intact. However, there are exceptions, and the final decision starts with two questions:

  1. Could the piece be damaged by moving it full?

Antiques and older pieces may suffer damage simply from the stress of being moved. The nicer and older the piece, the more likely it should be emptied before moving it. Also, pieces that have delicate or longer legs, are much more likely to be damaged or broken when moved with full contents.


  1. Is moving the piece full unsafe the movers?

Often, large bedroom furniture can be especially heavy, and when navigating stairs, turns, and other obstacles, it may be possible but unwise and too close to personal physical limits. The heavier a large piece is, the more dangerous it can be for the moving crew. Solid wood, oak construction and oversized “mule” chests should be emptied.


If any of the above answers are affirmative, the pieces should be emptied. Your estimator can assist you in knowing which ones.


Q: Can the moving crew just pull the drawers out before moving the piece?

A: Almost never. Removing drawers comes with a number of potential problems. These include:

  • Damage - The possibility of damaging each drawer, and the piece, during both the removal of and reinsertion of the drawers is great.
  • Additional Time-
    • Each drawer will require time to properly wrap it for protection, and unwrapped and reinserted at the unloading.
    • Drawers often do not come out or go back in easily when removed.
  • Complicating the Loading- Finding a safe place for 4-10 wrapped drawers per piece can be problematic in loading the truck.
  • Weather- If it’s windy or rainy, carrying open, full drawers creates a lot of problems during weather.

If the drawer contents (of the drawers themselves) need to be emptied, it’s almost always best for customers to handle it.